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Membership always starts on April 1 and runs until March 31 of the following calendar year. There are three ways to register membership: through my flying club, by renewing or expanding my existing membership and registering as a new member myself.

Become a member and take advantage of many advantages!

already a member?

As a member you can register by clicking the button below (on the registration button at the top right). You can then perform various actions: you can adjust your data, renew your membership, take out sports insurance and add various options to this sports insurance.

Cost price annual membership AOPA Belgium:

You have taken out sports insurance in accordance with the sports decree of Flanders or Wallonia as a member of one of the following recognized air sports federations:

* Association of Flemish Motor Flying Clubs (VVMV)
* Association for Model Aviation Sports (VML)
* League of Flemish Gliding Clubs (LVZC)
* Flemish Association of Paraclubs (VVP)
* Fédération Wallonia des Clubs de Parachutisme (FWCP)

* Fédération des Clubs Francophones de Vol à Voile (FCFVV).  Cost price = €15
* You are a member of one of the above air sports federations but you do NOT have sports insurance.  Cost price = €35
* In all other cases you pay for AOPA Belgium membership @ cost price = €55”


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